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What is New Page Experiences

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Facebook Page has been undergoing updates over updates since 2021 when the company announced the roll out of the new Page experience - updates which will replace the classic Page experience with a redesigned page layout, new page management, and more.

This update will have more impact on the backend side rather than the audience. So it’s very important for marketers to learn how to navigate this change. Here are the 5 major changes in the new Page experience that you should know about.

  • New layout

The new layout looks more similar to personal profiles. As a result, it’s easier for the audience to navigate and find important page information, such as bio and posts. You also can add important items, such as pinned posts, events, your product list or menu, to the ‘Featured’ panel on the top of your page.

  • Separate profile and page

You can manage your personal profile and public Page separately. The new Page experience allows you to switch and navigate easily between the two by clicking the top right of your profile picture. Then, click ‘See all profiles,’ and select the page that you want to manage.

  • Control and access

The new Page experience only has two main roles for people to manage your page: People with Facebook access and People with task access. The difference between both roles is that Facebook access allows full or partial control of the page with access to Facebook Page features such as Content, Comment, Ads, Insights, and more, while Task access allows users to manage only the features that you give them access to via other tools from Facebook such as Meta Business Suite, Ads Manager, Creator Studio, or Business Manager.

  • Dedicated news feed

News feed will now be available for Page. That means hopping on trends, joining public conversations, and interacting with other pages just got a whole lot easier! This dedicated feed is separate from your personal feed and not visible to your followers. So, you can use this feed to follow hot topics, stay in the trend, and be inspired by new content.

How do you like that with the new Page experience? If your page is not updated yet, don’t worry. Consider this a heads up! If your page is updated already, it’s time to get familiar with it so you can adapt quick and grow strong!


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