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Sponsored Message: What and When to Use It

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

While acquiring new users are important, re-engaging with those already showing interest in you is also something you shouldn’t overlook. One of the easy, effective ways to do that is using the Facebook Sponsored Message.

What are sponsored messages?

Sponsored messages are a type of ad on Facebook Messenger that allows you to send a direct message to customers who already have an open chat with you. They look just like a normal message in the notification. It will only be labeled as ‘Sponsored’ when the customer reads the message.

Because of how well it blends with normal messages, sponsored messages are easy to get noticed. More importantly, they stay in the inbox after customers open it! So even if they get distracted and forget about the message, they can take a look at it later at their convenience.

However, keep in mind that sponsored messages are an ad - meaning that they are subject to bidding competition from other businesses. Additionally, there is a daily limit on the number of sponsored messages a subscriber can receive. So you may need to reconsider sharing time-sensitive messages. Examples of use cases for sponsored messages are:

  1. Share a promotion

  2. Announce a new collection release

  3. Invite customers to an upcoming event

  4. Announce a pre-order of a new product

What is Sponsored Message:


How to create sponsored messages

Or you can follow the step below:

  • Go to Ad creation within Ads Manager.

  • Under Choose a campaign objective, choose the engagement objective.

  • Create a campaign name and click Next. Then, at the Adset level, select Messaging apps. Under "Ad type", use the drop-down menu to select Sponsored message.

  • Choose your budget and schedule. We recommend to set a period of more than 7 days.

  • At the Ads level, create your ad using Message template. You can select the format Text only or Text and image.

  • Type your message and upload a photo (optional). The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels or 1200 x 1200 pixels.

  • You can add quick replies or buttons to your message under Customer actions. It will appear as a bubble that will enable customers to start and guide the conversation. Once you finish editing your ad and click Publish.

Now that you can start your sponsored messages campaign, there’s one thing you need to always remember - keep it real! Craft a message that is useful and intriguing. Encourage your users to look forward to and open your messages every time by ensuring that they contain something worthwhile. With this strategy in mind, Facebook Messenger will remain a significant channel for your brand.


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