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Line Creative Size 2023

Timeline photo & Video

Using LINE's Timeline for promoting your brand is a smart idea. It's like your virtual bulletin board where you can post updates and pictures. Regularly updating it keeps your account active and builds trust. You can choose from three image sizes for your posts. To make the most of it, post regularly, engage with your followers, use pictures to tell stories, and share promotions or news. This will help boost your brand's online presence and credibility.

Line Ads

Choosing the right creative size for your Line Ads is vital. It needs to be eye-catching but not too busy. Keep it simple with clear visuals and short, impactful messages. Finding that sweet spot in creative size can make your Line Ads more effective in grabbing attention and engaging your audience. 1:1 is the most effective and easy to adjust in all placements.

Line Ad placement

Your ads will appear in different places within the LINE app, like the Home Tab, Chat List, LINE VOOM, LINE TODAY, Wallet Tab, and LINE Openchat. The smart system automatically chooses the best spots to make sure your ads work well for your goals and audience.

Line Rich Menu

For Line Official Account (LineOA), Think of a Line Rich Menu as your user-friendly dashboard. It's like your control center, where users can easily find what they need in your Line Official Account. With a neat design and easy-to-use buttons, it's a way to make your Line experience smoother. Whether you're showing menu items clearly or using buttons for quick actions, a well-made Rich Menu makes things simple and engaging for users.


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